Compassion & Care
With regards to our clients, we practice care and compassion by cultivating a feeling of understanding, kindness and sympathy for their challenges and issues they share with us, combined with a genuine desire and intention to help.

Compassion should be practiced while maintaining personal (emotional, mental and physical) boundaries.We also practice care and compassion towards ourselves and each other. We think, speak and act with compassion and care. We understand that we need to feel safe and maintain boundaries in order to create safe spaces for others. We trust in each others ethics, abilities and intentions.
Honesty, Integrity & Authenticity
Integrity is alignment of our actions and our beliefs. As practitioners with integrity we put into practice principles that show that we have our client's best interest in mind.

We also cultivate honesty and integrity between each other, beginning with an intention of honesty and self-awareness of where we are coming from in our actions. We are responsible for the quality of energy we allow through our choices - knowing which quality we are expressing is part of our integrity and accountability.

We communicate openly, directly and transparently and seek appropriate channels and messages for communication. We allow ourselves just to be. We practice authentic self-expression, and allow others to do so.
Diversity, Inclusion & Respect
We welcome and include everyone (i.e. living beings) with respect and kindness. We take an active pursuit to support everyone to take part in JOY Space where needed (via incorporating inclusive offerings, solidarity offerings or sliding scale). We are curious to learn about the unknown, defer judgment and appreciate the spectrum of our qualities.

We also educate ourselves on the subject of colonialism and strive to decolonize our practice and offerings, especially practices that are rooted in various cultures and religions but have been culturally appropriated. We de-center whiteness, we honor the complex histories of wellness practices and we make some form of reparations to the communities from whom the practices were taken.

We use gender-inclusive language and ask and correctly use people's pronouns.

Responsibility & Accountability
We take responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and others. We protect the environment, our local neighborhood and our space (including public relations and govt regulations). Our clients can trust and rely on us to act towards a more just and equal society. We take an active pursuit towards social justice (anti-racism, feminism, anti-homophobia) and to free society of any kind of stigma (physical & mental health etc.).
As JOY Space practitioners we practice mindful living: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. Mindfulness also enhances our awareness, and self-awareness. We listen and contemplate actively instead of projecting. We seek self-improvement and deal with our personal shadows.
We try. We are willing to grow from challenging situations and leave the comfort zone to pursue growth. We keep a learners' mind, we strive to become better as healers and practitioners, have courage, tackle problems as they arise, and cultivate a positive outlook, towards our practice and towards other practitioners. We trust in our abilities and in the abilities of others. We understand feedback and mistakes as an opportunity for growth.
We live the full spectrum of autonomy and community. We have a right to our own opinions and the right to make our own decisions. We practice healthy boundaries, active listening, clear communication and being open and approachable with each other. We have a common vision which we approach from a foundation of shared values. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial community, always with an equal energy exchange present.
... is something we create together!

We practice from an authentic place of joy in order to increase joy and satisfaction in our lives and in the lives of others.